Guaranteed employment

Employment Guarantee. Teach and travel.

IMEA-TESOL offers our exclusive employment guarantee to all graduates of our TESOL courses. Our experienced team will work closely with our graduates until we find a suitable teaching position (paid at market rates).

IMEA-TESOL has many good reasons to be confident that we can fulfil our Employment Guarantee:

  • There is a continuing and growing demand in Vietnam and abroad, for dynamic, qualified ESL teachers.
  • We know that employers show a clear preference for TESOL graduates who have completed a genuinely accredited “face to face” course (with supervised teaching components), in preference to online courses.
  • We thoroughly counsel each applicant about their suitability to become ESL teachers before accepting them into our course. Trainees are made aware of all course requirements and obligations before they join our program.
  • Our Australian Certificate IV (TESOL) course is a quality, recognised and sought after programme, fully accredited by the Australian Government, with world-wide recognition.
  • Our professional team of TESOL trainers are qualified, experienced educators who know how to equip trainees with the necessary skills and knowledge to begin a teaching career in Vietnam (or in fact, anywhere in the world).
  • Our friendly Vietnamese staff will offer their valuable personal experience, support and encouragement to TESOL trainees throughout the course.
  • Our team has developed vast knowledge and experience from our years of teaching, living and working in Vietnam. Our trainers, native speaking English (NES) teachers, and experienced Vietnamese teachers, will provide direct insight into the realities of English teaching in Vietnam, through a variety of specialist workshops, demonstrations and activities.
  • During our many years working in the TESOL and ESL sector, we have established a wide network of co-operating schools and language centres both here in Nha Trang and elsewhere in Vietnam. We now have a great range of varied teaching opportunities for our newly qualified TESOL graduates.
  • We provide clear information and support to our trainees to enable successful complete of all assessment tasks. We also provide important advice about professional conduct and presentation.