An internationally recognised qualification


The IMEA-TESOL “Certificate IV in TESOL” is an internationally recognised qualification awarded through the Centre for People Development and accredited by the Australian government.

The Centre for People Development (CPD) is a fully accredited RTO. This qualification reflects the quality of an English language school in Australia: 

  • Registered Training Organisation – RTO 40038

The Centre for People Development

The Centre for People Development (CPD) is an Australian Registered Training Organisation delivering and assessing qualifications in TESOL, Project Management, Leadership and Management, Government and Training and Assessment.

The CPD operates at the forefront of the training field, employing outstanding people and delivering excellent service. The learning opportunities offered by CPD are both creative and applied, with an eye to ensuring that participants are actively involved in their own learning and have the chance to practice and hone their new skills and knowledge. Our expertise in Competency Based Training and Assessment means that participants develop tangible skills and knowledge which are quickly transferred to the workplace.

World-wide Teaching Opportunities

The best ESL teaching jobs abroad require accredited TESOL certification. Our TESOL certificate (FULLY accredited by the Australian government), allows you to teach English in schools, colleges, universities, language centres, offices and on a private basis anywhere in the world.

As our certified TESOL graduate you will:

  1. Hold highly regarded ESL certification that is accredited and accepted globally
  2. Not only be able to teach English in Vietnam but be in a strong position to secure the most desirable ESL teaching jobs abroad
  3. Command better pay and conditions compared to those who are not TESOL certified
  4. Know how to plan and deliver vibrant and highly interactive ESL lessons
  5. Have the opportunity to live and work in exotic international locations

 Our TESOL course exceeds international standards

The TESOL course offered by IMEA (Mentor English Australia) in Nha Trang, is one of only a few study programs offered world-wide that has true international recognition and actually exceeds international standards.

The chart below shows exactly how our TESOL course exceeds standards set by the British Council for employment as an English language teacher in any one of its 109 English language schools located throughout the world.




Must be moderated by a reputable, external authority

·    Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)

·    Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia

↑ 50%

The TESOL course must consist of at least 100 contact hours

·         150 hours over 4 weeks

↑ 50%

Must include at least 6 hours of critically assessed teaching practice

·         Minimum of 12 hours

↑ 100%